Official TFK GE 2011 Exit Poll

We have been quite accurate on recent exit polls on TFK in the past on various referenda and we weren’t a million miles off the mark on the last election either.

Record your vote here once you have voted or once you have categorically decided who you’re voting for. In the interests of not offending the diaspora they will be entitled to vote on this poll also.

Viewing the results before voting will invalidate your vote.

An exit poll is for after you cast your vote isn’t it?

Green Party flying into an early lead. Hard to see them getting caught.

if anyone intends voting for the united left alliance please PM me your phone number so i can call over and do a kev on you.

im confused now, im voting for a bloke who used to work in insurance for the new vision party in east cork, now i see a Fis nua up here as well, is this a party for young hip TG4 watching types like me who ogle over the weather forecasters or is it the same thing as the english version?

voting is for mongs

Direct Democracy Ireland option is a glaring omission.

i tend to agree…

[size=“4”]reasons why democracy should be banned in ireland

part 1 in a 999 part series[/size]

I hope Kenmare is beset with pestilance, famine and the ague for 1000 years.

Grant them self governance and you shall have it.

Sugar Daddy Healy Rae, ffs :rolleyes:

Suppose this isnt open to the diaspora either considering your view that noone outside the jurisdiction should be having a say in the future of the country :frowning:

See Rocko’s first post.

Did you even read the first post you smug eejit?

Smug - I was forced to ‘suffer the humilation of emigration’ as the moderator once put it. An attitude hard to square with his support of the ‘Oirish’ club in Iron Bru land amongst a myriad of other inconsistencies. Fuck it I’m outraged and heading down to the beach for lunch. The yummy mummys tend to get their kits off more when the crowds arent around.

so thats a no then?


You clown

What an angry young man KIB Man is.

WTB - voting for some islands has already opened. I’m not sure how many members on here post from offshore Donegal but it would be wrong and discriminatory to exclude them.

I voted for Fianna Fail.


As honest as the day is long! :clap: :clap: :clap: