Official TFKCSC Event - Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Early Pints :pint:
Scottish Cup - Huns v Celtic
Post Match Pints :pint:
Music courtesy of The Players Brigade
More Pints :pint:
Vodka / Red Bull
Super Bowl XLV

Looking forward to it. Is that two meet ups in the one week???

Awesome. :pint:

Ah that promises to be a fabulous day. Let’s just pray my Jets get there.

Will there be free shots?

There will when Stokes scores anyway.


I’ll be at the Hennessy in Leopardstown

What’s this all about?


I presume we’re going to Shelbourne Park afterwards…

After the Super Bowl?

That won’t be over until 2.30am or so, Dunph.

What time’s the last race Dunph? They’ll probably have the gates open by the time the Superbowl is over.

Ah fuck that Bandage… forgot to hit Post and allowed myself to be usurped.

I thought you knew your dogs :rolleyes:

I’m informed that there will be 2 bands for the TFKCSC event. The South Dublin Union in the afternoon before The Players Brigade take to the stage in the early evening. Of course, Clan Carney fans will be familiar with TPB’s singer Chris; this is his new band now that Geraldine and Caroline Carney have family commitments.

Yes but the bhoys don’t know the difference. :rolleyes:

Ah lovely. Chris is my third favourite of the Carneys so I’m thrilled to know he’ll be playing on the day.

Here’s the Union in action:

What a day this is shaping up to be.

TFKCSC cordially invite all forum members to The Players Lounge on Sunday.

I shall be attending the unofficial TFKCSC event in Leopardstown organised by The Voice and TheDancingBaby.

I live about two hundred yards up the road from this establishment. Is anyone who is an alright sort going? I distinctly remember you and Rocko being a pair of wankers at the Summer Jamboree '09. Art Foley on the other hand was absolutely sound. The abuse he continually receives on this forum is truly shocking.

Rocko and I are definite attendees so nobody sound is confirmed so far. I would be very surprised and upset if the likes of TASE and Tipper were absent. larryduff could be tempted to travel down too. artfooley is a mongtard.