On this the anniversary of the great mans passing

April Fools day 1966 - fitting it was this date that Flann passed away. His legacy lives on, not least on the pages on TFK.

I would encourage all of you to pick up a Flann book today.

Post your favourite Flann stories, quotes etc etc here.

Have the 3rd policeman lying around unread there somewhere. Am worried if I get into FOB it’ll just end up being a major disappointment like all the other shit that gets talked up on TFK, eg The Wire, Fair city, Rugby football, Limerick etc etc

It won’t be Lazarus, it’ll change your life (Limerick? Fair City? Did you not see the disappointment coming?)

Anyone who didn’t like the wire can be safely written off as a cunt. We can pussyfoot around it but life’s too short. Off with their heads the stupid cunts.

Fook him.

Fuck him.

Fook him.

Who said they didn’t like it? Predictable and painfully worthy, even as cop shows go, but likeable nonetheless.

I would hope that FOB would transcend the obvious.

Who said it?

It was so hard hitting it had to be removed from MUTV, Eamon.

A great man indeed,At Swim Two Birds,The Poor Mouth…classic.

The Third Policeman would be one of my favourite reads of all time.

Mawn Brian O’Nolan.

Time to clear the heir

The Pooka MacPhellimey, a member of the devil class, sat in his hut in the middle of a firwood meditating on the nature of numerals and segregating in his mind the odd ones from the even. He was seated at his diptych or ancient two-leaved writing-table with inner sides waxed. His rough long-nailed fingers toyed with a snuff-box of perfect rotundity and through a gap in his teeth he whistled a civil cavatina. He was a courtly man and received honour by reason of the generous treatment he gave his wife, one of the Corrigans of Carlow.

Certainly the greatest book I’ve read. I remember a time when these great works were unknown to you Fitzy, I wish I could go back and read them again for the first time.

Flano 'Brien is a ledge.

I’ve heard he was an alright sort, a decent skin as it were.



“You mean that because I have no name I cannot die and that you cannot be held answerable for death even if you kill me?”

“That is about the size of it,” said the Sergeant.

I love that, the simplicity and complete originality of the man.

I’m disappointed to say the least at the lack of posts on this thread, you shower of fucking phillistines. However, SS, I knew you’d weigh on with some brilliance.

Don’t worry Souldressing will be along soon to fill us all in on his wisdom. Like a lot of things at the moment Flano 'Brien’s works are on my to do list. I really need to do the Trans-Siberian Railway or something like that, a recent trip from Warsaw to Dublin by train gave me ample time to catch up on great albums and reading.

Easy up Fitzy. Someone lent me At Swim Two Birds when I was a younger man but I didn’t get into it at all. What would you recommend to start off with? And is the Dalkey Archives one actually all about Dalkey?

Probably a good start is the best of Myles, and then the Third Policeman. I’m going to read At Swim again, once I’ve ploughed through Ulysses over the coming weeks.

Good to see the intellectuals (and humourists) of TFK coming out to play.

We haven’t gone away, you know.

Ulysses is indeed the greatest thing ever written. I read it over the course of 6 months there a few years ago, parts of it are gruelling enough but most of it is fairly mindblowing stuff from Joyce. He’s on a completely different level, Portarait and Dubliners are both master-pieces as well and you would need to have read Portrait to get a firm grip of Ulysses. Never bothered with Finnegans Wake, that’d be strictly for the real intellectuals like SS** and Dunph I’d say.