Vikander wins. Fassbinder vindicated.

Leo wins best actor finally and makes impassioned speech for climate change. What a guy!


Thank god he got one but thought Revenant was shit


Catholics mugged off proper.


Knowing here, some contrarian cunt is going to arrive and tell us how shit an actor DiCaprio is. Their credentials based on their star role in their junior infants nativity play.

Of course they will, some roaster tried to slag off De Niro on here not so long ago FFS!

De Niro is a hugely overrated one trick pony.


The lads in here are establishment men, you’re wasting your e breath.

What’s his one trick?

Raging bull?
The godfather?
Midnight run?
Once upon a time in America?

Maybe his one trick is that he did his best work before the year 2000.

One trick pony so is Messi with that logic.

Very disappointed in you pal.

He’s a one tricky pony because he only plays that sort of brooding, menacing, dead pan Italian American character. He has nothing else, no other range. Some of the films you reference were successful in spite of him, not because of him. They were superbly written and directed masterpieces where he had excellent supporting casts to do all the leg work.

The Intern, Joy, Dirty Grandpa, The Big Wedding, The Bagman, Heist, Killing Season, Righteous Kill, Grudge Match, Analyse That… Need i go on?

Do you think any self respecting talented actor would churn out a steady stream of piss like this? It’s almost like Hollywood realised 20yrs ago, hey this guy is a one trick pony and he has done that trick to death, no more roles in any decent films from now on.


You should also add that he is an absolute catastrophe when he tries a comedy role.

Spot on.

He couldn’t lace Pacino’s boots.

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I know a lad who worked on the sites in Wollongong who was in DiCaprio’s class that year. He was a better actor than Leo but always got overlooked as Leo was related to 1 of the selection committee.


You’re entitled to your opinion and whilst he has been phoning it in for some time I think your assertion that he’s a one trick pony is completely unjustified.

You’ve focused on the tail end of his career and that’s no way to judge his acting ability.

We will continue to disagree on the issue but I believe he was a fantastic actor, not in the same class as Daniel Day Lewis, Pacino or Di Caprio but excellent nonetheless.

Pony? Fuck off you horsey obsessed cunt

Not true, he’s very funny in Analyze This. Sends himself up as much as anything else.
Midnight Run is a fuckin gem and he’s excellent in that.
Yeah, a fair bit of run of the mill dross, but his great films are plenty too.

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An the Oscar for clamping goes to…

Ah stop, you couldn’t be listening to some of the WUMMING being done on here. It’s De Niro FFS.

Cool story bro’