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@HBV’s skin has cleared up in the Mediterranean sun



The Sunday Sport on point as usual :clap::rofl:


Ffs what harm was that man doing or what fucking benefit was there in giving him a criminal record


Outlawing plants is one of the most mindnumbingly stupid things governments have done. Let people grow away to fuck for their own consumption, control and tax the sale of weed like alcohol, and come down hard on anyone caught selling to a minor. It’s not rocket science.


Two from the local paper today.





Thats the knockers put on him now.


Spoiler FFS :joy:


Fifa president invites boys trapped in Thai cave to attend World Cup Final if they are rescued in time


Ah fuck off. Fucking joker.
There was a poor man died in the rescue effort when he ran out of oxygen. He had a kind face. Its fucking awful.


Jesus Flatty, get a grip.


Shut up you fool.


He did. It’s horrifying this story. Can you imagine the poor man underwater in the dark as his air ran out.


Imagine if he had a kid on the line? Can’t see how they are going to get those kids out.


Monsoon rains expected again tomorrow.


I can’t either. It’s haunting. I suppose they’ll have to pray that the rain stops and that the caves don’t flood further and try and keep them going for a few weeks.


They are worried if they start they could be in there for four months! Imagine being trapped in there watching the water slowly rise. Fucking horrendous. If they can’t get the water out before the rain, they’ll have to come in down the top to get them (which obviously has it’s own dangers), if experienced divers can’t manage it what hope have a few kids.


I know, but around 150000 people die every day. It’s sad but don’t get too upset about it.