Outstanding headlines


Thompson Gun Show




Probably the best one yet.


You’d be a bit old to get that one



You’d the four of them up right a minute ago and they were disappearing as I read them. :joy:


Yer man’s mate then screenshots the WhatsApp conversation and leaks it.

Cork people seem very strange.


Their all over cork since lunchtime!


I presume a good solicitor will be able to do damage with this to get yer wan off light.


I’d have taken the 30k if I was the Guards wife. She could get the guards to press charges then after reviewing tapes from Reardons


Orchestrated from the off.


If it’s the truth, it’s the truth


Pity I’m working in Cark :rofl::rofl:


Ah you’re not here long enough yet kid!!


I presume Reardens won’t be too happy with that portrayal. They left a violent person on the premises after she struck someone, then proceeded to break a persons jaw. They could be in a spot of bother


The guards wife could have a case against them aswell??


I’d imagine so, if she wanted. yer man is after stirring some amount of shit with those texts.

I was only ever in Reardens once all the times I’ve been down here. A pure fucking cattle mart. They let in way too many people.


The question here is why do all these people have such terrible friends that they can’t trust them not to screenshot their private conversations


If you venture out to the smoking area you’d have a few years taken off your life. Tis a pure sweatbox. Surprised Health and Safety haven’t done something about it.


Exactly what I was thinking … Irish People cant keep their trap shut.