Outstanding headlines


I left the place after going into it. Absolutely hanging.

I don’t get the place or Cork people’s fascination with it. There are much nicer bars/clubs on the same street.

The “Wash” is another absolute shit hole


Reardons is a complete dive. Like that, I was there once … worse than the Icon.


fellas want to be seen as the big man getting a scoop/information. He should get a hiding off his mates for being a rat


Montgomery (owner of Reardens) had/has interests in pubs and clubs in Limerick as well I think. I think he had a stake in the Old Quarter a while back


Are you trying to say I’m due a hiding from some Romanian lads :hushed:


different kettle of fish, but I wouldn’t like to be you if they found out


if the mates don’t give it maybe there a cork camogie player who can dish out a beating


hell hath no fury


Upstairs in Reardens was a good laugh. And then the lock in downstairs.


It would appear Ashling Thompson has deleted her Twitter


The GGA offered someone 30k to keep shtum how has @The_Selfish_Giant not been all over this???


Over in huddesfield bro, whats this?


The GGA offered nothing

Her camogie Club on the other hand…


He has set damien cahalane up in a bar in cork in last few months (behind reardons) i think. I think Ashling was working there too


@padjo will be outside the church in gorey collecting for this


For ladies hurling? go way out of that. How’s Huddersfield?


Over my dead body will @padjo be let back into Gorey




Never mind that cunt. You’re welcome in North wexford


didn’t see much of it , some of the smaller villages nearby are nice and chester which i went too as well is pleasant