Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


Based on that one could legitametly argue that the pressure was on the IRFU


Presumably the out half exception for Ireland selection that applied when Jonny Sexton was at Racing will also be applied here and Paddy will be eligible for Ireland selection when he moves to Clermont?


Ah yea, I presume so, I mean I can’t think for the life of me of any reason why it wouldn’t.


Clermont is the home of Michelin tyres. Hopefully “Paddy” will have a more plentiful supply of rubber available to him during his time there than he did in Belfast.


Is Alan partridge your hero?


No. Is he yours? Because you’re doing a very good job of impersonating him.


This is getting tyresome @Sidney


Ah haaaa


IRFU ended up paying value if their contract anyway so paying them for the season and letting them cool their heels was an option that was worst outcome for the players.


Jackson will need to tread warily in France.


Getting to play international rugby likely a bridgestone too far


He’ll be hoping for some goodyears during his continental sojourn.


It seems his victory in court has turned out to be some what pirellic.




Ah haaaaaa


“Paddy” is more likely to receive hub caps rather than international caps in France.


Paddy’s career has had a blow out in more ways than one.


He hasn’t been having a goodyear


You’re wearing out the threads


He needs to remould himself.