Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly



This is a very bad rugby decision by the Ulster Branch and the IRFU. They really should have told Bank of Ireland where to go.


Brians cowen & lenihan should have BOI where to go 10 years ago.


The vast, vast majority of those who support the Ulster rugby team are perfectly happy with BOI remaining.


Its disgusting that the Ulster and Ireland rugby team is now being dictated to by those wankers and the snowflakes.


If only the top shaggers had merely been wankers, they’d still be playing for Ulster.


Willie John McBride was a long standing Bank of Ireland, bank manager and they wouldn’t listen to his voice of reason on this.


If that’s all that was required you’d have captained the lions


Loins, mate, Loins.


Noeline Blackwell from the Dublin Rape Crisis centre all over the airwaves and media all weekend commenting about an employment law issue in another jurisdiction.


I always thought he should have been an ice-cream salesman. He would have had a great catchphrase. But he hated flakes, even though he handed out a good few of them in his time.


You’re always on about how rugby is organised on all-island basis. You can’t have it both ways when it suits you, mate.


What are Noeline Blackwell’s qualifications when it comes to employment law?


good ould noeline, she got out of flac when chuck feeneys money dried up and got herself another plum gig


I don’t think you see the irony of you criticising somebody else for commenting on employment law in another jurisdiction while you do exactly the same thing.

Now, do you think that perhaps the IRFU might have consulted experts on employment law both when drawing up and revoking the contracts?

It’s very interesting that you see fit to disregard the opinions of these experts.


Pot, kettle etc


Examples, please?


did he tour apartheid south Africa?


No time now. I’d recommend some self reflection


Did I say anything about the IRFU employment lawyers?

The singular question I posed was what are Noeline Blackwell’s employment law credentials. You’re not dealing with the issue that I raised.