Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


Cool. No examples, so.


What are your credentials on Northern Ireland employment law?

Are you seeking to shut down free speech?


Pretty strong. I’m a qualified (albeit non-practicing) UK lawyer.


I can think of one or two posters who would be a good fit when they walk down the aisle


believe it or not shes actually dolled herself up since she joined DRCC…

here she is in her FLAC days


The IRFU have several qualified and practising Northern Ireland employment lawyers to call on, mate.

It’s generally agreed here, even by non-rugby fans, that the IRFU run a very tight ship in terms of organisation.

But apparently that doesn’t apply when it comes to employment law, or something.

Ms. Blackwell is a lawyer, by the way.


did you get the E & W addon to an irish practicing cert?


send @Mac your qualifications


doesn’t make her an expert on UK employment law.


No, it doesn’t. But neither do @GeoffreyBoycott’s qualifications make him an expert on Northern Ireland employment law.

The IRFU, on the other hand, do have access to such experts.


yes but being able to qualify in that jurisdiction would give him the edge on noeline when it comes to pronouncing on employment law there.


I’ve never worked in practice as a lawyer mate but its useful to have the qualifications for my business. I got quite interested in it all when I served on a jury many years ago. I enrolled after that to do the Barristers course in the Kings Inns by night but that never got off the ground as I ended up moving back to the UK. I qualified over there when I moved back. I’ve never had a practicing cert here.


I’m not really interested in going down the rabbit hole you want to go down, mate.

Geoffrey is as entitled to comment on the case as anybody else, but it’s interesting to note that he is very choosy about who else should be afforded that courtesy.

It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t object to the comments of Willie John McBride, who is not a lawyer, but does object to the comments of a qualified lawyer on the subject, because he apparently doesn’t like her opinion.

That is an attack on free speech, but only free speech he doesn’t agree with.

The IRFU have made their decision and that should be accepted.


You’re fairly selective when you drop free speech into the mix. What about the implications for free speech for sacking two employees on the basis of whats app messages in a private group (admittedly messages that were most distasteful and unsavoury, but not criminal in their content) which came into the public domain without their consent, but on foot of an application by the Crown Prosecution service.


The fact that you can’t discern between questioning professional competence and having an opinion on a personal level reinforces what I said about you before.

You have no appreciation for graft or qualifications but think being able to Google a topic into oblivion gives you competence.


Noeline Blackwell is a lawyer, mate.

I don’t think you see the irony of you dismissing her professional competence.

You’ve just exposed yourself as guilty of all charges you lay above, while simultaneously proving that I am innocent of such.



Anther unintelligible response missing the point.

Nothing changes.


None, unless you believe there should be absolute free speech and a person’s employment should never be affected by such absolute free speech or behaviour.

I don’t think anybody believes that.


Not only was my response intelligible, but it was intelligent, which is why you have resorted to the e-equivalent of a 12 year-old’s temper tantrum in response to it.

As you usually do when I outpoint you.


and the WhatsApp messages weren’t covered by the same free speech?