Padraig Harrington


Apologies to alright sort @Bandage for the unwarranted attack


The INTERNET never forgets and I was exposed so no need to apologise, pal. Let’s putt this behind us.


Your opinions on golfers have really proved your undoing


Not so much my opinion on golfers rather I appeared to be posting under the misconception that golf is a sport.


Drive on from here.


I hope this hasn’t driven a wedge between us.


I’m going to flag this dreadful pun.


you don’t have the balls for it


Why are you always to the fore in this shite?


it’s par for the course isn’t it.


There is no such thing


Padraig talking shite here on the news. We’ll have a year and a half of this guff.


Manager of a golf team is some fucking job :smiley:


Captain, mate.


While his voice would go through you, I regularly enjoy listening to what he has to say


An inspiring man. Made use of the bit of talent he had and absolutely maximised it through hard work and pragmatism


Always came across as a very nice man.

I say man, and not sportsman mind you.

He’s also clinically insane, and I can respect that.


He’s an unmercifully boring cunt who seems to think belting a ball around a field is some kind of science.


That was his issue, he was overthinking a winning game so much he went to pieces.

He’ll get a bating over there and has been picked to be the fall guy.


It’s posts like that which have fucked up this forum.