Paul The Octopus - RIP

Never saw that coming, Paul, did you?

Anyone have him in the Celebrity Deaths?


How naive Homer Simpson was when he was accused of sexual harrassment when he thought about starting a new life under the sea. “There’ll be no angy faces, just friendly crustaceans under trhe sea”. Wrong Homer, wrong.

It appears that Paul couldn’t cope with the pressure of living in the celebrity goldfish bowl. The paparazzi scum had to wrap their grubby tentacles around him, didn’t they.They killed him. I hope they’re happy now.

In saying that, perhaps it’s appropriate that Paul passed away in October.

Leave it out lads, the ink isn’t even dry on his death notice yet.

Bit of a nothing story here, but the tabloids will print anything for the sake of a few squids

Sounds fishy to me. Reckon those Pakistan/India spot fixing bookmakers had something to do with it.

wouldn’t like to be in the queue to shake hands with the family at that funeral

He’s with cod now.

Kill it, kill it with fire

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I can still see him

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My Octopus teacher is far more astounding.