PDC World Darts Championship 2013 - Official Thread

Painter winning 1-0 here against the qualifier, 28 year old Chun Nam Leung from Hong Kong. I backed ‘The Artist’ earlier at evens to win 3-0. Painter seems to have a different bird every year and they keep getting younger. A very attractive lady in the audience cheering him tonight. She can’t be much more than 24 yet Kevin is 45.

Thats his daughter dunph

Although I can’t stand him, I’ve backed Andy Hamilton for outright glory

Not a bad bet. Thinking of backing him myself or alternatively just to win his quarter at 8/1.

Hon Painter, about to go 2-0 up now.

Has Painter ever smiled in his life?

Fairly sure he is riding her. Painter is too ugly to spawn something that beautiful.

These fuckin chavs arent even watchin the darts

Hon Painter. Handy money. :pint:

The out of sorts Wayne Jones becomes the first seed eliminated, losing 3-0 to Jerry Hendriks.

What price was the ‘Wanderer’ Wayne Jones? He’d have been fancied enough for that particular bout.

He was odds on, 4/6 I think. I’ve only had ante post bets so far as haven’t seen anything worthwhile. Nice touch for you on Painter last night, wish I saw that one.

Richie Burnett in meltdown here, in danger of throwing a two set advantage away. Sad to see after he missed 3 darts to win the match. He’s missed 41 doubles :o

Tremendous courage shown there from the Prince of Wales to win the game 4-2 in the final set :clap:

Has anyone got a stream for the darts? My house mate is downstairs taking up the living room with a young woman who he is trying to seduce and i don’t want to go in and cramp his style putting on the darts while eating my pizza.

I’m surprised there’s such little talk about the darts tonight. Barney played well there, 108+ average.

My e/w punt on Barney still alive, the miserable bastard.

Is this Haavisto lad a bit slow? He is from Finland yet his flights have union jacks on them.

Super darts from Jani to tie the game at 1-1. :clap:

Anderson in a battle here

Anderson takes 3rd set to go 2-1 ahead