People Kev knows


Your powers of observation are astounding farmer.




A few normally smart, level headed and very successful people who are over the age of 30 that follow Conor McGregor.


Many IC players who live very full and fulfilling lives and make progress professionally.


Very few garlic (sic) players these days that don’t enjoy the mahority of the training and the lifestyle

Both types of guys who didn’t “go after” an IC career. Some regret it. Some are delighted they didn’t bother

Many IC players who live very full and fullfilling lives and make progress professionally.




Tomas O’Se

He tell Kev things while drunk. He’s a nice fella and a nice drunk as well.


His current girlfriend who went out with one of the Nemo lads.


Kev knows his current girlfriend? C’mon now…


Pat McEnaney

Met him in Australia.

Touch of arrogance.


re; the catwalk nightclub

The girl who Prendeville brought into run it and the girl he brought in for marketing. Both from Ballincollig and they populated the place with Ballincollig birds. Was a running joke.


A couple of Corker who holiday in Cahersiveen regularly and have knowledge in relation to the Kerry Babies case.


A Wexford footballer with whom he was working with last year who told him about the hurlers.


Someone who works in Tusla.


And makes up ridiculous stats about domestic abuse.


Every second man is a wife beater :grinning:


If you look around and you can’t spot the wife beater, it’s probably you


I just looked back on my last three posts in this thread.

It is almost as if Kev is deliberately trying to strengthen his argument by making up people who he says he knows in the given situation he is arguing.

But no - I must be mistaken.


Kev is in your heads lads. Rent free and all.


I love what he brings here, I often revise my opinions based on a point he makes, he’s a thought leader, some lads on here can’t handle that, they hate admitting their view might be wrong