People Kev knows


An Ardmore player.

He’s good mates with him.


A fella who may or may not have raped someone. He paid the girl off and rugby helped him do that and if Kev had to guess he’d say your man is guilty as sin but we’ll never know.


A friend who asked Kev to take part in a threesome. Kev told him to get a fucking life.






a few lads that if they thought they would pull it off would set him up with a bird and try and pull the rug.


It’s even worse than that;

A few lads who’d set him up with a bird, then get her to falsely accuse him of rape just because they are petty.


Kev knows a few guys through a coaching forum that are in or around the woman’s AFL game and they are facinted by Cora Staunton and they say that she is already the best player in the league (after 1game).


Someone who knows Ritchie Power.


A local man who suggested to him the other day about nightly monitoring in groups by local men. He was being quite low key and PC and careful about it but there was absolutely something unsaid there


A friend, a clinical psychologist, who has been on about Jordan Peterson for some time.


A lady working in Sports Direct who got fired today.


A solicitor he had coffee with yesterday who believed there is (sic) too many holes in the story of the girl (sic) at the centre of the Ulster rugby rape trial, both legally and logically.


It’s sad how insecure he is.


People involved in Clann Na nGael who are making a great effort despite no tradition


Isnt a poster here a former player with Clann?


An absolute beaut from Nova Scotia with a west of Ireland accent mixed in with urban Toronto. It was painful to listen to.


It could hardly have been worse than a Cork accent?


Solicitors that are surprised the rugby rape trial has gone this far


A solicitor who thinks clamping ‘evasion’ is an extremely Grey area. It’s not clear if this is the same solicitor as above but considering the amount of people that Kev knows, it’s probably not.