People Kev knows


A well known female athlete in Cork making an absolute killing from running the shit out of regular people weekly. Catching up now though as people getting injured.


the brother of a County footballer on another county team but said county players went to college together and are very good mates.


His next door neighbour, a Detective Sergeant, who advised him not to join the Guards as “you are too honest.”


That’s outstanding :laughing:


The kind you dream about spotting first.


Handiest nice post you’ll ever see.



Where is that?


I thought Kev told us he was reared on a council estate ?
Not many Gardaí or certainly DS Gardaí living on council estates.


The murders in Ireland thread, you’ve to go through some dirge to find it though, don’t operate heavy machinery while you’re reading it.


The quality is all in the punctuation. Kev is a great man to use a comma.


A belter


"The majority of people within the games.*

*A vague reference to the GAA but he doesn’t make clear exactly what he means by this.


There are probably further nuggets out there still unnoticed .

“ full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air “


Some lads he would drive home (as a passenger)with after 6 pints way before others totally fatigued.


A tv channel showing Friday night reruns of The Wire


Not a person. Infraction.


Fuck sake.

It’s not as if you are starved for material for this thread that you need to muddy it with this shit.


Ken Early via Twitter.

His Detective Sergeant.


Kev has 'em dancing again I see.


Literally has them by a string.