People Kev knows


You are becoming quite poisonous


Poor old @sidney wouldn’t say boo to a goose I suppose?


I’m not talking about Sid .ate, surprised to see the venom from you though


Where’s this now?


Very precious altogether. Is seems @sidney has gotten into @backinatracksuit’s head in the same way that @backinatracksuit has gotten into @Cicero_Dandi and @carryharry’s heads. Meanwhile then @caoimhaoin has gotten into all of their heads and they’ve all gotten into @caoimhaoin’s head. Can you think of any more?

There’s great scope here for @Rocko to develop an infographic of who has gotten into whose head.


@backinatracksuit has a head? WTF?


@backinatracksuit has @codegreen and @AppleCrumbled in an awful state


There’s definitely a thread in that, you’re in a few heads yourself mate, I like to take the heat off you every once in a while


I’m still a bit bothered about that time @codegreen wanted to whip me to death balls naked for 2 hours in the snow, was that odd or what :fearful:


We could all get in @Appendage’s head it’s so big.


And empty…


I’m after the last 2 hours in the gym pal, I’m in a state alright. What did you get up to today yourself, do anything productive?


I’m after the last two hours?


Make your point, quickly now


I LOL’d at that


Is @padjo in anyone’s head?


The trial is about giving head.

Wonderful symmetry


Tis about forcing ahead


Tis about turning your head


Tis all in her head… Both Anti & Pro can at least agree on that