People Kev knows


Really. I thought today was all about giving head


Enough there for a conference kid .


Giving head is quite a common phrase, taking head is not. I’d stand corrected though, I have not researched the topic



I’m most definitely inside @The_Selfish_Giant’s head


@caoimhaoin s beloved Ballincollig RFC on telly here.


Just hit the magical 40 likes for this one.

Thanks to you all. And to Kev and his Detective Sergeant neighbour too, obviously.


You can play a nice game of name the avatar when they’re all in one place like that, 35/41


Or play “who is missing?” Such as yourself


A friend, a clinical psychologist, who he was talking to about Bressie and the jist of the answer was “the less said about that the better”


He also went on to talk about the view of ‘most decent clinicians’ so I can only assume that he knows the majority of decent clinicians in the world.


You can assume more than that. Kev told us yesterday that most means nearly all and is bigger than a majority.




In at least 41 poster’s heads




There’s 41 posters on here?


41 liked Dodgy’s post — They could all be the same person- who knows, who cares. Kev has em all destroyed.


I think you’ll find he’s closing in on 50 now. And it was amusing tbf. The reason so many liked it is because

  • @dodgy_keeper is much admired around here
  • and many missed it because they dont follow that clusterfuck of a thread
  • There is a huge sheep mentality on this forum
  • It involved Kev

Besides having cancer, you couldn’t get a more perfect storm really.


@flattythehurdler would not have received many likes for his dodgy whatsapp now given the messaging for the rugby rape trial in Belfast


Some people who sleep through anything and some others who wake up every time the wind blows.