People Kev knows


Nemo referee, Colm Lyons



Lock the thread.


A friend told him the quality if Pres-CBC was outstanding the other day


Dangerous and reckless women he has encountered


a guy he played sport with accused wrongfully of rape and another guy (in his opinion and hindsight) accused rightfully.


Think that one might have been posted previously.


I dont think it matters - it’s just about getting the like and moving on.


THis is a tedious thread


2 people who did the same psychotherapy course as Richie Sadlier. And a client of his who is doing it now. Most of the lads on here would be crying before getting into Block 2 of it.


Numerous Polish people from Ballincollig who get certs for depression from their local Polish doctor in order to miss work


Lawyers, Truck drivers, Accountants, Restaurant owners, Cafe owners, CEO’s of tech companies, teachers, University Lectures, Farmer’s


8 people from Nantucket (all dead)


Wtf :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Can someone contact the Nantucket Police Department with this info?


I’ve 450 odd unread topics mate, please point me in right direction


Sadly you may have to look through the rape thread


Good luck with that.


I’ll let this one pass so. Thanks all the same.


Kev knew eight men from Nantucket
Who tragically all kicked the bucket
Mac wanted to know
To what thread he should go
“To the rape thread? Ah no…no fuckit”


People at the Club Finals in Croke Park who obviously can’t tell wind direction properly.