People who are beginning to give me a pain in the hole

People who use “cathedral of porter”.


Even the mention of porter gives you the shits?

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You wouldnt fancy an aul throuple?

I doubt he would considering his current issues with his hole

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Jose Enrique

David Haye would do untold in there :eyes:

Barry Keoghan


Oh you’re just so bitter…

One of the lads you’re not allowed dislike I’m afraid

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Now that’s fucking Irish

I hope the anti-misogyny won’t be out to get me like the last time I posted a photo of a woman.

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I don’t get it. Outside of his minor role in Love/Hate I never seen him in anything where his acting stood out.

You’re not allowed to have that opinion.

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stick to coronation street you dunce


His behaviour (online/real life) since the BAFTA has been top class. Seems like a lovely genuine lad.

Only black mark has been the association with pretend pyschological witchdoctor McNulty from Armagh.


Mark Little

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It’s gone far beyond “beginning”, but the constant fawning over “the lionesses” on the mainland, who beat a few nailbar technicians and accounts managers and Yvonne from HR to win a tournament that makes the six Nations look competitive is really rent free in my head. When you look at the achievement of other sports people pretty much ignored.


Welcome to the Katie Taylor phenom. Albeit, soccer is actually a sport which is played around the world by females.