People who look slow


I think we need a poll to get a thread adjudicator


I am willing to allow my name go forward as a fair and balanced adjudicator for this important thread.


I pick three and seven.


This thread is for people who permanently look slow, not just someone who happens to look slow in one particular photo. It’s a five “cian healy” rating. With 5 Cian Healys being the slowest.


@Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr is a fool, not adjudicator material. @Bandage




There’s a touch of the Alan Partridge about Conall McCann.

Great footballer, though.


As adjudicator in waiting I wish to set out the following proposals:

  1. Targeting of particular people because they belong to a certain group (eg Tyrone footballers) will not be permitted with the exception of British Lions or Irish rugby personnel. These, however, shall be classed as low-hanging fruit, therefore an exceptional level of obtuseness is expected.

  2. Extra credit will be given if the dullard can be combined with the People You Suspect Are Smelly Thread.

  3. As outlined by @TreatyStones, a Level 1 (highest level) dullard shall be called a “Cian” The other levels shall descend as follows:

Level 2 - Liam (former GAA President Liam O’Neill)
Level 3 - Buff (self-explanatory)
Level 4 - Harry (nice-but-dim Tottenham striker)
Level 5 - Gene (steely-eyed missile man Gene Krantz, i.e. not slow)




are you on the dole or what? what aren’t you working to say that you have time to be coming out with this scutter


I actually burst out crying reading that. You have a lovely way of putting things.


Try hard alert



Very pleased to endorse this excellent campaign. I would ask that you also take on board @TreatyStones point about distinguishing between a resting slow face and an action shot at the (in)opportune time which gives a false impression of looking slow.


Very astute point. It will certainly be taken on board.


I’m giving that a BUFF. The fact that it’s a live action shot detracts from it getting a higher rating. Well done, though.


He’s not slow. That’s rat-like cunning.


Point taken but she does look slow even at resting face the above image just accentuates her slowness


Crooked nose, wonky eyes.