People who look slow


He can’t run very quick .


Sean Cavanagh


Poppy o’se



It was a nice gesture of friendship from @twiceasnice97 to support Kilkenny in the 2003 National Hurling League final. He lived up to his name by doing it at the All-Ireland semi-final later that year too.


This reaction was after a Tipp goal unfortunately



that time of year


Has Richard Satchwell been posted? He’s surely made for this thread


four to chose from here



Sammy Wilson. All day every day.


Harsh on the horse. He looks pretty smart, certainly in comparison to the other three.


The backup driver in the Uber vehicle that killed a pedestrian in Az.



I doubt the guy who was just awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to study genetics at Harvard is all that slow.


You appear to be lost buddy. This is the thread for People who look slow, not for People who are slow. You’d fit in well in that thread to be fair.


I wouldn’t have thought either of them look slow.


A very odd selection alright


@Mac must be on the piss again this morning.