People who look slow


Was that the Nordie football love in? Woeful.


Who are they?

Cassidy, Donegal, third left. Parkinson beside him. McConville second from the right.

I don’t recognise any of the rest.


Marty McGrath in the middle, Devenney on the left.


We’ve a Darcy of cunts

Would a Duggan of slowlookers be apt?

If so, this cohort certainly qualifies



How many times has this lad been mentioned?


He is half Galway, enough said



Christopher Stalford.




That last one is a peach. He’s definitely not slow though, if they’ve any sense they’ll line him up for their next leader/Tánaiste


A great pod, the donegal boys told some yarns


Cheesy chips and fortified wine . Most un DUP like .



And there it is. I genuinely think you’ve won this time. I assume there’s some sort of cash prize.


It’s like a hierarchy of slowness :clap::clap::clap:


It’s like they took photos of cavemen seeing a boot for the first time.

If you had the video of the unboxing and overlaid it with stauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra you’d be on a winner like kubrick



Some going to hurl with that hand deformity he has that causes him to throw his hurl away half a dozen times a game.


Can you imagine what he would score if he could hold onto it


A rowl of tape would crown him.