People who look slow


Gillane must waste a fair amount of porter when the pint keeps slipping out of his hand.


Who’s the lad on the right?


Hennessy the spare goalie maybe


No wonder he leaves the helmet on for the team photo😀


I doubt he can get it off without help.


Gillane looks and sounds like he’s in his mid to late 50s.


He looks like a sort of chap you could imagine Brendan Behan drinking it out of a dirty boot with in 1962.

I say that in a friendly way, as I’d consider it a sort of compliment myself, like when I was asked to read Joyce out loud in school by our elderly priest of an English teacher and he told me I had a great voice for reading Joyce because I had the earthiest Dublin accent in the class. I don’t think he was trying to groom me.



Not to worry , he’s not paying for them.



Someone just told him how many medals Darren Daly has






He’ll have to give your one behind him a loan of the jacket. She will freeze if she goes outside for a smoke


Her dress is on back to front.Whos the gombeen in the picture with the hat?


Brendan Cummins it looks like.


A Ger Gilroy lookalike


He could surely spare it, I’m presuming he has the Man Utd jersey on under the shirt and dicky-bow.



His blow face :pensive: