People who look slow


He was wearing a helmet.





So I know this tool’s not Irish, but there is an Irish connection. This is Andrew Broad, he is a Nationals MP in Aus and therefore a fuckwit. Every time I see his picture I think of this thread.
And to prove he’s even slower than he looks, here’s the Irish connection.


What a desperate shit hole you live in.


That guys a legend!!
This was one of his texts to her

After asking whether Ms Keating liked “Aussie accents” he wrote, “I pull you close, run my strong hands down your back, softly kiss your neck and whisper, ‘G’day mate.’”


Thus killing G’Day Mate for most of the population. It gets worse btw.


You can hardly talk.


Fuck off


:rofl: wtf






50 degree heat and full of convicts