Peter G

We could just do french kissing. We don’t have to go any further than that cm, would you be ok with that? That goes for you too carry?

I don’t know what kind of sordidness you and your crew get up to but I don’t french kiss friends…You clearly lied, you are probing for more than friendship.

Sorreeee excuuse me. You have a very dirty mind cm. French kissing is nothing more than showing respect to someone.

This is tasteless innuendo cm. You’re going to have to change your ways.

Peter, could you clear up the whole scarves for funboys question once and for all

I’m sorry art but I not following you here.

This should clarify

Come again!

No, just french kissing to start CH.

Limited to very cold and wintry weather and only with a coat.

This doesn’t float your boat so Petey?

Rubbish banter


[quote=“carryharry, post: 772619, member: 1517”]This doesn’t float your boat so Petey?[/quote]

He’s so handsome. I love dreamy guys.

That is so gay

I was only kidding you guys, I’m not really gay. I’m straight I swear. I had you all believing me. You’re very gullible on this forum. Ha ha

You will have The Dunph back posting in no time.

What does the G stand for so?

He’s dead

My sirname. I’m hardly going to tell you my full name. :rolleyes:

Rocko - could we get a smiley for rubbish banter please? This thread is crawling with it.