Peterborough vs Celtic - Tonight

Celtic team:

Wilson; Pressley; McManus; Naylor;
O’Brien; Donati; Brown; Capone;
Hesselink; McDonald;

Getting a little concerned that it’s the third game in succession Boruc has missed.

Raging that Pressley’s back injury wasn’t worse.

The trialist’s getting a game on the left.

Nice to see Donati and Brown start together for the first time.

Jim O’Brien’s getting a chance to impress too - he’s Celtic mad so he’ll want to put in a performance.

Another chance for JVoH and McDonald to try to establish some sort of link.

1-0 Celtic - McDonald after 19 minutes.

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1-1 almost immediately - shocking defending by Wilson.

2-1 - a cracker of a goal by young Jim O’Brien.

Finished 2-1.

Going away to Peterborough and coming back with the spoils bodes very well for our upcoming away Champions League ties.

Thoroughly delighted with that clinical performance.

Not many teams will come away with the points from Posh this season.

Goals here:

Two very nice goals for us but that’s absolutely shocking stuff from Pressley for their equaliser. Any word on how Capone got on?

Goals from the 5-1 over QPR today here:

Some well taken goals again. Brown’s finish is tidy and Jan’s first goal is a great finish.

We seem to have played quite well with Brown excelling again by most accounts. Also Capone seems to have put in a decent performance.