The Silk Road casefile is very good


That sounds unhinged tbf. I like the sound of this guy.


They’ll have to make a film out of it. I saw a five part documentary on it on one of those real crime channels probably one year ago and he hadn’t been caught at that time.


Would be hard enough to start with the podcasts. They literally go through it crime by crime, from the point he started raping to the murders.

Whilst many suspected that he was also the Visalia Ramsacker, it is only since they caught him that this is confirmed.

We are talking over 50 rapes as the East Area Rapist and then the Original Night Stalker phase where he murdered people in planned attacks.


Yeah so many angles to take for it.


Also @Robert_Emmet, you will appreciate this.

He used to prank call houses before invading. He would just ask inane things like “Is Bob there?”. Part of that would seem to be to plan out attacks i.e. was there a man there? What time of day were people out?. If there was no answer he would probably enter the home. He likely did this several times before to scope the place out. He would hide ready made restraints made from shoe laces in homes for later when he would attack.

Anyway, for years after the attacks, he would call the victims homes to terrorize them further. Here is one of those calls.


Has he admitted to the crimes?


There’s varying talk about it, some say he half did in custody but nothing on the record.

He has a family including a granddaughter so I doubt he will ever.


Weird cunt, playing the panio while making the prank calls.


On a more pleasant note have you finished this yet? I’m just going onto the final episode, a decent listen if a bit repetitive


I’m behind you now, think I started 12 this morning, ya it’s a bit repetitive alright but you’d keep going with it


@myboyblue who are speaking in the various clips they play during the intro and breaks in the Gaa Hour podcast?

When I schtarted running I said I’d shtay goin…


Thats jonny glynn




Beautiful exposition of a nogra accent, humility, tone, demeanour to a tee



Mullane is there as well. And the poison dwarf.


The GAA Hour is going from strength to strength in the off season


Bullet points please


He’s making a cut off The Podcast in a juvenile manner. It’s quite unbecoming.