The Ratline is good. About a Nazi, Otto Wachter and his disappearance after the war.


Otto has made it to Rome.


So a guy who disappeared has has his disappearance documented and retold as a story? That’s some vanishing act.


it ain’t over yet. He’s living with monks now.


As you would expect the Peter Crouch podcast is top drawer.


SI look to have a decent one coming out Monday about the murder suicide of Steve McNair


Have you a link please?



Flintoff, Savage and the ping pong guy is entertaining.


They are too far up each other’s holes now.


I’ve been listening to the Casefile episodes on Silk Road over the past few days. Gripping stuff


What have you got me listening to? - I thought it was gonna be about The silk road …


I actually watched a bit of a documentary on THE Silk Road last night. Was boring enough, this Silk Road is way better


I’m giving it a rattle anyway … Julia sounds like a bit of a bitch


If he wasn’t such a shit programmer he would have been grand.


Them nested FOR loops catch out the best of lads.


Its excellent. He was some boyo


Signing out.



Listened to about a half an hour of that. Fucking mental stuff. The US is full of mad bastards