Best of his podcast in a while. Really interesting idea to show the bar needed to get academic papers published.

Tyson Fury the other day was good too.


I’m listening and it’s brilliant — academia is a fucking jokeshop because of the closed mindset culture.

Diet & Nutrition

Mein Kampf :joy::joy:


Finished that this morning, pretty good.
Which other casefile ones are recommended? Or similar.


V good casefile about the Elaine O Hara murder. Also a 6 parter about the east area rapist is an absolutely mad story


I listened to the O’Hara one, hadn’t really followed the case at the time but it was OK.
I’ll give that east area one a go.


No exaggeration, there hardly a bad episode of that podcast and it’s up around 100 now.


EAR is the best, don’t Google the case before you listen to all of them.


@chocolatemice The Irish History Podcast is decent listen. There’s about 100 episodes up there focusing on different events in Irish history, with a big focus on the Famine period.


I listened to him before - Something about his voice does my tits in … but it’s an easy informative listen. He’s also doing it all himself so fair fucks to him.


Jake Roberts has had some life.


Good alright, apart from that Australian bollox continually talking about the east area royyyypist


I’m two in and I’m sorry I started, just an endless description of rapes that are all very similar, nothing much about the investigation.


The Terrace Talk podcast tribute to Weeshie is essential listening.


There’s a bit of that alright. There was enough about the investigation, and the society of the time to keep me listening though.



Did you listen to them yet? well produced series in fairness. Not a huge amount of general unknown stuff, but didn’t know about the gay aspect to it all tho. Good insight and detail into a messed up life


There’s quite a bit about the investigation iirc.

It is actually only through listening to them that you get the full magnitude of the crimes.


Honestly I’m not sure I’ll continue, but I’ve given it over three hours already.
So far it’s basically a description of rape after rape, the investigation is mentioned alright but not in any detail, they’ve fellas on stakeouts of suspects but they’re getting nowhere. It’s grim as fuck


I’m sorry rape isn’t more exciting.