Ken didn’t get a ticket to the Brazil game
He watched the game at “The Oasis” drinking Heniken
Drunk Ken gave his thoughts on the game
Drunk Ken is very rambly

Was he there at midnight?


Declan Hannon on Woolies podcast this week was something else :smiley:

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Why? I’ll have a listen tomorrow

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I won’t ruin the surprise

Morrissey would be a TFK hero

Pretty uncontroversial, I thought he’d go off on one

Tommy Tiernan on the WTF Marc Maron podcast. Not heard it yet but would not have thought Tiernan was that well known outside of Ireland these days.

He’d probably have a bit of name recognition internationally for doing the Just For Laughs during the early 00’s. There’s been plenty of no-namer comedy guests on the podcast when I useta listen to it a few years back.

He didn’t get much change out of him.

The straightest bat ever swung, it was incredible :joy:

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Good interview with Stephen Reid on Off The ball. Struggled with anxiety throughout his career.

Best Interview of the year
Joint 1st Tiernan McCann, Johnny Glynn
2nd Luke Loughlin
3rd Darragh O’ Donovan, Colin Corkery, Padraig Joyce

Worst interview of the year
Paudi Clifford (he got one vote for best interview :rofl:)

Most popular show
1st Hurling and farming
2nd Football
3rd Hurling

Best hurling pundit
1st Brian Carroll
2nd Paddy

Best football pundit
1st Cian
2nd Aaron

Newcomer of the year
Christy O’ Connor

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The Tiernan McCann interview was outstanding. Its just a shame he wasnt more honest and up front when he was a player, he could have been likable. As it is, he’s a thoroughly alright sort.

Enjoyed this one. This guy in Alaska who basically owns a lot of land where he’s constantly finding ice age animal bones.

He has lads out searching the East River in NY now after saying there’s a hape of Woolly Mammoth tusks dumped at the bottom of it.

Did you know they’ve found lots of hippotamus bones in the UK.

Halfway through its mental. Those lads in alaska are batshit. Eating mammoth

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Is there any where to watch the documentary?