Mad bastards

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Same sort of fellas would be seen behind players being interviewed in pitches after match day, trying to get their carbo inflated jowls into view.


Listening intently to the Dalo podder on the 2 hour (each way) commute from the teaching job in ballincollig back to wesht Kerry for junior football training Tuesday and Thursday nights where they are one of 9 attendees. They won’t start come championship. They haven’t drank since the stag


On the way to the stag with the skinny jeans and polo shirt in the 8 year old club gear bag they got for a minor B final


I see Michael ‘never ask him to do a fundraiser’ Lyster, Pat Spillane and Tomas Mulcahy are getting into this game now.

I’d rather stick forks in my eyes than tune into that.


Landers only bothered tuning in for his own bits of speeches this week

Pod is all the better for it

He’s back and talking pure raiméis about Hawkeye again :confounded:

Sounds rivetting

So, basically everything every fella in the GAA (outside Dublin but Dublin doesn’t really count) playing a bitta club already knows.

That sounds decent. He has a great left peg

Who’s he play with? That looks like Fairview park

Templeogue Synge Street

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Paul Rouse on with The Rest is History guys thus week. Rouse is a great yoke.

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A tremendous bit of stuff

Picked this up last week, very interesting

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I’ll look out for that. Have a book voucher to spend. When i’ll ever get to reading it is another thing.

It’s all short separate pieces, you’d read one while going for a shit :man_shrugging:

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I wouldn’t have time to read TFK then…