I listened to that on my driving holiday last year. Was quite good.

Never got around to listening to the second series.


Dont know. I use castbox for android phones. Has all the same content as itunes. Wasnt aware that spotify had podcasts


2nd series better than first


I’ve no interest in those crime/case type podcasts but this one is making noise on twitter – have you listened?


yep some cracking ones there.

the council of Vienna is brilliant as the contributors are quite quirky
the salem witch trials is good too


Congress of Vienna?



have a listen

the guy talking is brilliant


Dan Carlins - Blueprint for Armageddon series is excellent. Recommended to me by a forum member.


I’m annoyed now that my commute to work is less than 5 minutes


pour yourself a brandy and recline on your favourite chair tonight bro- listen to it then


I see on twitter that a lapsed member’s sister has started a wrestling podcast. Has hanybody hlistened ho hit hyet?


No. But I will.


The “in our time” are unreal. Just listened to a Hitler one. It is like being at a very interesting university lecture. Bragg is some broadcaster.


Will save this for the drive home.


Woolly got stuck into Micko on the GAA podcast.


Wooly is a dopey cunt, the day he fucked off from OTB was the best day i remember in Irish radio.


Hlano’s hister hs Hecky Hynch!?!


What’s he on now, joe dot ie?


Think so, but no idea how the podcast is linked to that.


What’s the best app for these podcasts lads. I use podcast addict but it’s kinda shit