Castbox excellent for android anyway




Jesus tonight… how many more times are you going to bore the bollox off us about podcasts? Give it a rest ffs.




All you serious cunts listening to boring who dunnits from Canada when you could be listening to journeyman former Irish striker Cillian Sheridan’s fantastic Mister Sherry podcast. Today Sherry ruminated about becoming a vegan.


Waking Up with Sam Harris is excellent albeit strictly for my fellow elitists and intellectuals


Ben shipro is very good well worth a listen. Joe Rogan isn’t too bad.


My favourites:
The Inquiry (BBC World Service)
BBC Outlook (BBC World Service)
BBC Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio 4)
TheStand with Eamon Dunphy


The butterfly effect my Jon Ronson is very good.


It must have been from here, I found that as well. Finished it a few weeks ago. Some epic of a thing, must be 18 hours in it. I’d say took me the bones of 4 months to get through it as I was saving it for long car trips. Top class though, learned a load from it that I wouldn’t have known.


Like what?


BBC4 In our Time series, proper history


This is gripping stuff


Good grief what a horrendous collection.


@Copper_pipe you might like only balls and horses. It’s a betting podcast.


We were all different people 9 years ago.

I don’t recall ever listening to that Leahy cunt though. The others, guilty as charged.


And then he comes back with a betting podcast. Deary me.


Melvyn Bragg is some historian


The South Bank Show must have appealed to you given that you slept on the South Bank of the Thames for years?


Holy fuck