I started this but don’t see myself investing the time to finish
Do you think he did it?


4 episodes in. Yes.


Anyone listened to West Cork? It’s about the Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder. It’s only on Audible and it’s expensive but you can do a free month’s trial.

I’m on episode 5. You could nearly skip the first 4 as they’re background on the area and the people. Not uninformative and some interesting nuggets but it really kicks off on episode 5 when they start to focus on Bailey.

Some collection of odd balls in the area.


I did. Only alright I thought but I would have known the story very well


I’m familiar with most of the details but really enjoyed it. First podcast in a long time that I’ve listened to that had me looking forward to long drives.


What do you play them on/through while driving?


The Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the AUX in the radio is the best 5 Euro purchase you’ll ever make for the car.


We have one but it only seems to play phone calls and not audio ---- I’ll have a look, it was in the car when we got it.


That’s the one I have. @Horsebox has one also I believe


Getting the interviews with Bailey is the makings of it though. Story isn’t much enhanced but it’s still interesting to listen to.


When can we look forward to the re-launch of the TFK Podcast?


He has an ego the size of co cork


Richie Sadlier interview with Paul “Fucking” Kimmage is a good listen.

Whatever your views on Kimmage are, its well worth an hour of anyone’s time.
He has a cut off Derval O’Rourke amongst others.
Gets emotional towards the end, but not in a Dunphy way sobbing about a young John Giles


Would you ever think of putting a link up for people seeing as it’s so good?

Ya cunt.




Ya gotta pay for it bro


Yeah I just had a search for it —I didnt realise it was second captains… I wouldnt give them the steam off my piss as the fella say.


Fuck that shit


That Bailey thing costs almost 25 Euro to listen to :hushed:


Did that utter cunt Graham Hunter ever manage to get anyone to pay for his podcast?