I just looked on Patreon. He’s got about 600 people paying him £2.99 per month.

Arseblog has over 2,500 paying €5 per month.


Its free if you cancel your audible sub within 1 month


A size foot Catholic comedian and a vertically challenges orange man discuss Irish history
The Long and the Short of It - @bbcradioulster http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b063d31q


The Off the Ball Sunday paper review is a good one.


Lovely drive to work this morning listening to Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Year’s Episode 2 about the invention of the printing press - A Faustian Pact


Kevin Kilbane is a great addition on OTB… you’ve lads here paying for a much inferior product when this one is free.


It’s fashionable on here to have a pop at Zinedine but he’s a fantastic addition to the show.


Kev is a sound skin. His in depth interview about his life on the Irishman Abroad podcast is well worth a listen.


It must have been difficult making his living in England all those years but he’s home now.


Jesus, Bosco would be a great addition to OTB in fairness


That’s a fair point, mate … I’d only listen to it if I was in the car really and wouldnt go out of my way to listen… I always seem to catch Kev when he’s on, a great guy.


his uncle ran a CSC

one of the good guys


Kev’s always on.


Saw him the other night,class


Bailey was on with Matt Cooper today, seemed like a bit of a cock to be honest, recited the shitiest poem I’ve ever heard and all, how can this documentary hold your interest over so long??

What are the best podcasts out there for general interest?


Do you get BBC iplayer radio?


Is there any reason I shouldn’t? I don’t know


If you can download it it’s well worth having. Our man in the middle east is a fine series. The food programme can be fantastic, same for desert island discs. All radio 4 fare.
There’s probably a podcast or programme on anything that interests you…within reason




That emoji is about as yellow as you are. Did you make it to Crossmaglen?