I just looked on Patreon. He’s got about 600 people paying him £2.99 per month.

Arseblog has over 2,500 paying €5 per month.


Its free if you cancel your audible sub within 1 month


A size foot Catholic comedian and a vertically challenges orange man discuss Irish history
The Long and the Short of It - @bbcradioulster http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b063d31q


The Off the Ball Sunday paper review is a good one.


Lovely drive to work this morning listening to Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Year’s Episode 2 about the invention of the printing press - A Faustian Pact


Kevin Kilbane is a great addition on OTB… you’ve lads here paying for a much inferior product when this one is free.


It’s fashionable on here to have a pop at Zinedine but he’s a fantastic addition to the show.


Kev is a sound skin. His in depth interview about his life on the Irishman Abroad podcast is well worth a listen.


It must have been difficult making his living in England all those years but he’s home now.


Jesus, Bosco would be a great addition to OTB in fairness


That’s a fair point, mate … I’d only listen to it if I was in the car really and wouldnt go out of my way to listen… I always seem to catch Kev when he’s on, a great guy.


his uncle ran a CSC

one of the good guys


Kev’s always on.