I’m waiting until hurling season is over.


Good for you. Have you ever listened to or watched anything from the BBC?


but only if it was aired on RTE.
we’ve never had the english channels


So it’s OK if it’s aired by Rte?


I dont work for RTE so I cant speak on their behalf.
I dont be paying much heed to to what countries
shows to be made in.
it’s quite possible i’ve never see anything made by bbc.
i certainly wouldnt be espousing the bbc and recommending it to othes.


Why’s that now?


Bill Burr is fucking brilliant, thanks to whoever recommended that, he’s even funny doing a shit Irish accent and stereotyping the fuck out of us


was sensational in the 03 last week mate


Never even heard of him before, i know he’s Boston but i have a cousin in New York that seems to be a very similar character.


Bill has been doing the podcast for over 10 years and has been a jobbing comedian for a long time. It seems he has only really hit the big time over the last few years. He was one of Saul Goodman’s goons in Breaking Bad.

The Thursday podcast can be good as it plays segments from that week in years gone. It is an utterly random podcast of his ramblings but it works due to his hilarity and ability to call it as he sees it. He has great chemistry with his wife Nia in it as well.


Anyone looking to get a good insight to the Donegal footballers psyche prior to Jim McGuinness should have a listen of this. The stories about the bus journey home from 2004 Ulster Final in Croke Park is worth it alone.


The Here’s how podcast

Great stuff. The one where he interviews the RTE director of news is glorious


Happy to endorse.


Has anybody listened to the lance Armstrong podcasts?


Yes. They were better last year before he brought in all the advertising.


Marc Maron WTF
Dean DelRay
James Richardson Totally Football can be good sometimes, mainly the features on Italian football on the Golazzo podcast he does.


fucker is raking it in this year.
not bad for 30 minutes of work a day


Casefile is a v good true crime podcast. There is a recent episode on Elaine O Hara murder which focuses on the disappearance and investigation primarily more so than trial.

Two things I dont really recall being mentioned at time of trial

  1. The body was found pretty much the same time as the guard found the knife and handcuffs etc in the river. Completely independent of each other. Seems like a massive coincedence.

  2. The guards got an anonomous tip off that Dwyer was the murderer. It was this prompted their investigation into him. My recollection was that the cops said they had traced him through her account on some fetish website.


Great stuff


It’s not a bad listen. He knows his stuff. George Hincapie comes across as a lovely fella.