There’s a trashy book written by some Sunday World journalists about the case that is absolutely fascinating. Well worth a read.


Did you know what High Brew Coffee contains 67% less acidity?


Cold brewed bro’


This was often mentioned and discussed on here.
It was bizzare.


Similarly the fact that the fisherman thought something was fishy (:grinning:) and went back and found the BDSM gear in the water and then after 2 unsuccessful previous attempts the gard found her car keys with a Dunnes loyalty tag. A lot of coincidences


Had a listen there this morning. Hincapie good alright. A few interesting insights. Stuff like the tweet from Greipel about the French guy Demare getting pulled up yesterdays climb by a team car doesn’t get mentioned on Eurosport.

Armstrong’s sheer arrogance is evident from the start though. I couldn’t listen to him on a regular basis.


Who was the anymous tipster who gave up Dwyer, his wife ?


@chocolatemice was a key player. He had a lot of interaction on here and on a fetish stabbing website with Dwyer. I think he may have testified but not sure. His advice on here to Dwyer about the pay as you go phone is priceless and then lapsed poster Dwyer unraveled.


You langer — this is the 5th time you’ve brought up this pay as you go phone talk… what’s going on? Did CM comment on it at the time? I’ve zero recollection of it.


Dwyer posted on here asking questions about trace ability of pay as you go phones (like an old version of the dark web thread) and CM led him down the garden path to justice.


Have you a link to that? I’d love to read it…


It’s in the members section I think. It was locked when the trial started and journalists started snooping about.


CM was a gas bastard… Shame he left … Wasn’t he instrumental in clearing the names of two rugby players falsely accused of rape also?


They went into this. He went to river twice and didnt search as it was too murky. When he found the items was the first time hed actually done a search


No idea. At the end they said it was never disclosed. Reasonable assumption it was her alright


Demare won the stage today. Crime pays.


Was thinking that. The French are gas. They are happy for their own to cheat


The hurling podcasts from Ennis was very funny. Loughnane was hilarious on it altogether


Teachers pet is decent true crime for anybody who’s interested


What’s it about?