Portsmouth not paying the wages again

Portsmouth have confirmed some of their players have not received their November salaries, the second time this season they have not been paid on time.

A Pompey statement read: "The majority of the first team squad have not yet received their November salaries.

“A proportion of their wages will be paid on Friday, with the club’s new owners working towards paying the remainder over the next few days.”
The Premier League side’s squad were also paid late for September.

That followed Sulaiman Al Fahim’s takeover from Alexandre Gaydamak at Fratton Park, when Al Fahim promised to inject 50m into the troubled club within a matter of weeks.
But Portsmouth were sold again in October, to Saudi business tycoon Ali Al Faraj.
Al Faraj acquired a 90% stake in Pompey, leaving Al Fahim as the non-executive chairman with a 10% stake.

Portsmouth could slide down the divisions as its obvious they are fooked. Any decent player has gone and the rest they have now arent premiership quality.I found a video of the events as they happened.


Was it worth winning a FA Cup so the club can fall into oblivion?

Happy Arry is sitting by waiting to pounce on any half decent player in January I’m sure. He’s starting to leave a Venables-esque trail behind him now. How much longer will he get away with it?

He is well and truly detested at Southampton anyway. Hope the cunt is exposed for the fraud that he is some day. Pretty obvious that Peter Storrie is a simpleton.