Post a picture that reminds you of a TFK poster (now incorporating videos)


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Yer man has TFK open to snap some photos for “the people who look slow” thread.


But shure it’s Goldbridge who is laughing. All those fan TV channels depend on their teams doing badly. Engagement is generated by reaction to the team being humiliated.

Every humiliation Manchester United suffer is a major boost for Goldbridge’s profile.

Arsenal Fan TV has lost all relevance now Arsenal are actually good again. Nobody wants to listen to people saying “Yeah, great performance today”.


In selfie mode

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I didn’t even realise that Mark Goldbridge was a pseudonym until recently. His real name is Brent Di Cesare.

Things I learned in the last 15 seconds.

He is or was a police officer (thank you Wikipedia for that further info).

I think there will be a great opportunity over the next year or two for a Liverpool supporter with the technical knowledge to put up Soccer Saturday style graphics over a live stream to make a real name for themselves online.


hes even wearing pyjama bottoms

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Yeah it’s become a reverse double pike looped ball hop now by these watchalong lads. Initially I’d say they set up the channels out of a childlike, harmless simpleton type love for their favourite team & some of the toy throwing & shrieking when they lost was probably genuine. But I reckon they realised they needed to keep this up to get the clicks consistently so it’s performative at this stage. Yer man Goldbridge is probably going through stuff before games to pick out things he’s happy to throw at the wall.


The cholesterol brothers won’t be topped


Yere man on flying pig united is gas as well.

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@dodgy_keeper threw away the United pyjamas @myboyblue and got himself some Limerick colours

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The gloves…

Yeah they’re class.

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Cheddar is a big fan of thinsulate on a championship sunday.


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Never knew Richie Kavanagh was a Limerick supporter. Unfortunate to get stuck beside that Cyril coty contender