Post a picture that reminds you of a TFK poster


Same lads who gave out about the GIFs wrecking the forum are going for it with the photos








@gilgamboa is taking this very badly


Not at all pal you just had been a bit neglected till now! Some sterling work earlier


who is this fella?
im guessing the the other half of the cloyne queerdom as the picture of Ring in background is a hint…every fucking picture of those cunts must have Ring in it


I thought everyone knew this was @ChocolateMice




@Sidney (you zinged me well by the way)


I was off line for a few days and I was thinking about it a bit.


I got fierce heavy lately




Surely more apt for @Bandage


You had it well planeed. All the screenshots done in advance id say. The accountancy training coming through




I meant to post up a picture of Doherty for Thrawneen yesterday. Although I briefly considered Amy Winehouse.



“Mesef and around 20 die hard Fianna Fail heads from around my way are away to visit the Dail at 11am in the morning from outside the spots,ive never been in Leinster House so im looking forward to the visit.Bobby Aylward is our man for this job and hes promising a fun filled day of walking around the place and a few beers in the Dail bar.”

“There was huge surprise and much amusement when John Paul Phelan came up with a round however,fair play to him considering he’ll struggle to ever get anything back for it.”

As an aside the full post @Thelinkwalsh made documenting the day a crowd of them from the Spots went up to the Dail is possibly the greatest post ever in the history of this forum. Right up there anyway.


You’re like one of those cunts who just waltzes across a Zebra Crossing without looking with that post. :hushed: