Posters on other posters

“I’d stop now if I were you, you have outted yourself as the little hitler you clearly are.”

Kevin is unimpressed at Rocko’s behaviour and likens him to a miniature Fascist leader.

That’s a gay as fuck thread title.

Yet Totts calls himself “asexual”.

Did it set your gaydar off?

BallOx was on West I believe or vice versa.

Supergay reply.

And a homophobe.

Studies have shown that homophobes are often secretly gay themselves.

‘Studies’ of il bomber destros posts would show that fairly clearly

The gays are a very clean race, Totti and his smelly shirts don’t fit the profile.

That was an obvious false flag. He’s as camp as electric picnic.

Thanks, pal.

Il Bummer Destro


Il Bummer Desperate (for some cock)

Il Bummer Desperate (for some cock)[/quote]

Lovely stuff and well done Totti on becoming the first poster to come out in TFK’s history. We, the posters on TFK, were publicly exposed as a bunch of closet homosexuals last Autumn. This move does a lot to dispel that image.

I thought Braz was the first to come out a few weeks back?

Sidney and gola have been banging each other for ages now.

Il Bummer Desperate (for some cock)[/quote]

MBB has become a pale shadow of his former self, no longer does one get rebuked by a pic its just “awful thread” or " Ffs" are you alright sport?