Premier League 2019/20


The Greatest League in the World.

We go again.

This means more.



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This year isn’t even over yet. Who needs Champions of England when you can be Champions of Europe? :grin:



Its over mate. Move on.


Considering the biggest honour in club football is still on the line and the mighty Reds are going for it I would say not, ‘mate’.

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The league is over. Accept it. And move on.

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Aww bless … someone isnt getting enough attention today.

You dirty Manc financial doping, human rights abusing , cunt … You’ve no history, oil money bastards…you’ll be back where you belong when the oil dries up.

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The race for NET SPEND champions begins now.

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I have a quiet calm aura enveloping me today. I am quan.

Yer man cant accept that the Premier League is over, its time to move onto next season.


Liverpool fans have been strategically talking about NET SPEND on a calendar year basis so they get the benefit of the January 2018 Coutinho windfall in the most recently completed full year. However, I demand that we discuss this pressing issue on a football season basis. That was 2017/18 related business and it’s well in the past. Liverpool must have been very heavy net spenders in 2018/19, were they? What way are they shaping up for 2019/20?

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VVD was bought in during 17/18 season … Liverpool have a 100m net spend under Jurgen… I prefer to think of it as a project rather than a season by season approach.


They’re turning water into wine in their transfer dealings. 20m+ for both Solanke and Ings.


Net spend titles aren’t handed out on a “project” basis, mate. Sure different projects have different timescales. The fairest is to award the title on a season by season basis.


Was Keita paid for in 17/18 season also?


I expect we’ll get another £20m for Lallana this summer.




Liverpool’s ability to command excessive fees for departing players has been a credit to their management team.


There’s no getting rid of that sick note.

They might let Shaqiri go , but it’ll be at a profit.

Sturridge will be off the wage bill. Mike Gordon will probably bank another 20m from Mignolet.


Their emphasis on the champions league the last couple of seasons has greatly enhanced their revenue streams. I’d expect next season they will put more of an emphasis on EPL


I think Sturridge will be the hardest to get rid of

I’d love to see us get Hakim Ziyech from Ajax

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