Premier League 2019/20


He’s out of contract I think (Sturridge)

The MLS will be the place for him . Or the Scottish League


A natural replacement for Scott Sinclair


Can you see Ziyech accepting a bench role though? Or would he slot in at CAM?


I’m a bit pensive about 2019/20.
A lot of the reds will be on Africa Cup of Bations duty or Copa America travels this summer.
Inputting that info into my model and rerunning it, the prediction model tells me the reds will get 99 points next season


Ken early very good on Liverpool today. Basically said they had a name on the cup type season this season where everything fell for them and it’s very unlikely they’ll muster more than 85 points next season unless they make significant signings. Pickford throwing the ball into the net, Sturbridge goal and the mahrez penalty miss spring to mind. Could few lucky late winners. On all the stats city the vastly more superior side. Also Liverpool’s away record is poor against the top 6. Drew with Chelsea, lost to city and drew with man united.


Klopp spending money like confetti and he still couldn’t win it, they lost i the day he bottled against UNited, Oirish liverpool fans going insane all day today :crazy_face:

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Wonder will they go back in for Fekir


Ox will be like a new signing next season

I wouldn’t mind us getting Grealish as well though

But I don’t think he’s Klopp’s type of player

But if Shaqiri leaves he’d be a good creative replacement and a great option

Leicester have some good midfielders

Maddison and Choudury

But buying from the EWPL is usually very poor value

I wonder will Leicester hang onto most of their first choice players

If so they could go very well next year


You make your own luck … there was a few games where luck deserted them also but that doesnt fit the narrative I suppose.

People going on about how young Ajax are … Liverpool are the same age profile for the most part — They need a creative midfielder badly. Ox is back next year also - but they’ll need more depth every where for another tilt at it alright.


Ajaxs best players are very young though. It’s the likes of van dijk, salad, mane and firmino that carry Liverpool. There 27/28ish.


Ajax didn’t spend nearly £500m on their squad.


Awh Jeeeez here come the accountants.


What the fuck has that to do with anything?


No doubting Liverpool’s luck this season. They will never come close to 97 points again. City under Gurardiola should win as many as they like unless FFP rules are properly enforced.


Sorry mate.


It’s bizarre


It’s ok … I’m still clinging to June 1 … it’s the only thing keeping me alive.


It keeps them up at night, worrying how billionaire business men spend their money


Even though man united make most of their own money I don’t believe in FFP. While it sounds good it just keeps the big teams big and that’s it.


Since Klopp arrived 7 teams including Bournemouth and Everton have a higher net spend than Liverpool. Some achievement by Klopp to have clubs like Everton and Utd rooting for their 2nd team, Man City.