Premier League 2019/20

He has a team worth around £500m. Congrats to the transfer strategists for mugging off EPL clubs into paying silly money for their duds.

Like I said. 7th place since he joined Liverpool. Barcelona don’t play in the EPL.

He spent more than any other EPL club this summer.

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He’s reaping the benefits of shrewd transfer activity and on and off the field success. So successful he can spend a few quid on that already delightful smile.



The whole concept of FFP in modern professional soccer is comical .


In theory it’s a good idea but in practice it’s a bit of a joke. Having UEFA monitor financial irregularities is like the BBC maintaining a paedophile register in 1970s Britain.

It’s the most unfair sport on earth financially. There is no levelling of the playing field whatsoever. Bigger clubs get more at every turn.

That is why it’s all about NET SPEND now.

Flash, I love you but we’ve only got 14 hours to save the earth.

The narrative of Liverpool’s “luck” this season is vastly overstated and rests essentially on two matches - against Everton and Tottenham at home

It doesn’t take into account that Kompany should have been sent off against us in January or the blatant penalty we were denied against Leicester or the plethora of ridiculous decisions Manchester City had go in their favour in February and March

It also doesn’t take into account that Liverpool had the chances to blow Everton away at Goodison Park but didn’t take any

90 plus points is very attainable again next season

The top teams can consistently blow others away now with their systems of play, that’s what separates the top teams from the rest

Manchester City’s system is not going to get any more advanced than it already is, they’ve had three years to perfect it

But Liverpool’s still has room for improvement - the team has taken longer to piece together than Manchester City’s - it only started to come together properly about half way through the 2017/18 season

A lot will depend on a good run at the start of next season, winning the first six or seven matches in a row etc., as you have to hit the ground running to mount a challenge now

Liverpool’s off season will be three weeks shorter than Manchester City’s because of the European Cup final and as noted by another poster here a lot of Liverpool’s players will be at the African Cup of Nations and the Copa America

I think there will be considerable churn at Manchester City this summer in terms of players

Liverpool need to move two or three out

We need a back up left back, a creative attacking midfielder and a striker


Liverpool (for once) had their fair share of things go their way this season.

  • Played Spurs, Utd and Everton away at a good time.

  • United having to use all 3 subs before half time.

  • Mahrez missed penalty.

  • Playing Palace when they had to play their 3rd choice goalie and Brighton when they were missing their first choice goalie (both victories were by one goal).

  • Late goals that were against the run of play, Newcastle, Chelsea.

  • Everton and Spurs goalkeeping gifts.

  • No injuries to the the front 3 or Van Djik.

Turning points:

  • Gomez getting injured and being replaced by Lovren instead of Matip.

  • Robertson’s messing against Leicester, a win against Leicester would have put them 7 points up the night after Newcastle beat City.

How they start next season depends a lot on whether they win the Champions League final. Not sure they’d cope too well with another loss.

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Only an end of season recap buddy.

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Kalidou Koulibaly On the to man united.

A statement of intent from OGS.

Another retirement cruise