Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


It would be a dream come through for me


Dreams do come through you know


I didn’t realise Miss Markle was a divorcee. That’s not ideal.


So is Charles and Camilla, not great examples to be giving the childer


Some going for a man living on state benefits to snare a cracker like Megan. There’s hope for us all yet.


This is an American divorcee though. It didn’t work out well with King Edward VIII when he married an American divorcee.



I’m uneasy about this now having carried out some due diligence on Miss Markle. Quite apart from her status as an American divorcee, she’s 36 and Prince Henry is 33. Its not an ideal age for breeding purposes. He should be marrying someone no older than 28.


It was only last month that I met a person who has spent time with Megan’s step brother.
They are a most unusual family to be hitched to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha male line.


His name’s Harry, mate.


Does he have a great way about him?


Henry mate, no need for the familiarity.


The Oirish, the Welch and the Scotch are all very happy with this news.


It’s actually Henry


My mistake.

Sincere apologies @GeoffreyBoycott.


Didn’t Rory McIlpube do the ice bucket challenge with this lass a few years ago? Is the prince stirring his porridge?


No problem mate. You’ve had reason to correct me as well from time to time on the odd mistake that I make. Please continue to so. It’s important for the forum to be correctly appraised on all matters.


I wonder will he ask ‘other Dad’ to the nuptials? James Hewitt, that is, because Dodi is dead.


McIlroy was trying his best but got nowhere. Harry seems like a sounder lad than him anyway.


Auld Lizzy must be fuming.Young harry is getting married to some divorced American trailer trash.The shame of it all.