Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


And a very fitting title it would be


This would be a big boost to Connacht rugby.


I saw a lovely little documentary on Megan last night. An industrious lady by all accounts. We’d welcome her with open arms.


Which tribe would she be now?


McCague/McKeigue. There are still a lot of them around, heavily concentrated around Kiltormer, Clontuskert & Ballinasloe.


The Cork lickspittles won’t like this…


The crown has never had difficulty in keeping the same lickspittles in line. Their greatest challenge has always been west of the Shannon. They have studied well and realised the only way to control the western savages is a strong, good looking and indigenous lady. The Queen had a moment of inspiration while listening to Ed Sheeran one evening in her study by all accounts.




Fucking scenes


Prince Henry has invited Taylor Swift to the wedding after he saw this.


Harry is such a joker. Leaving poor Billy hanging til now

Edit…he got plenty of time. @Ebeneezer_Goode best man got 24 hours notice


I want to know will the Bunk be giving the bride away?


@GeoffreyBoycott How on earth did this Markle trash get so close to the big house?


They are not in yet.


They’re a dreadful embarrassment.


The Windsors certainly are.




An utterly dysfunctional family and let’s be honest the Markle’s aren’t great either .


I raised that very point the day the engagement was announced. American divorcees spell trouble for the house.


Someone has to say it … the DNA profile of their children will be interesting