Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


The Prince of Wales reportedly going to escort Miss Markle down the aisle tomorrow.


A laughing stock


Powerful show of unity and embracing Ms. Markle as part of the family


Absolutely. A remarkable and wonderful family.


The Windsors have lads hopping up and down like a panful of Dennys.


All ready for the street party pal?


Another blow for NOGRA as Connacht is snubbed for Sussex


What a day and what a build up in Windsor.



Eire is just gripped by Royal Wedding hype.


Mike Tindall and Zara should pass on great sporting genes .


I don’t mind Ming but he has little enough to be bothering him .


The Queen driving the bridal car is a lovely touch


Which channel has the best analysis?


The Duke of Sussex/Earl of Dumbarton/Baron of Killeel resplendent in the frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals.


Only one place to be following proceedings, BBC 1.


The bride is a very attractive lady.


Is Tom Fleming still alive? He was always the go to man for commentary on key Royal events.


Jaysus the Duke of Edinburgh looks like he was dug up this morning. The man looks like a corpse


Lady Jane Fellowes gave a lovely first reading there.