Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


The missus thinks that Megan’s dress is terrible.


Tom passed away a few years ago. It was shortly before the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 as I can recall his absence been remarked upon on that day. Huw Edwards from Llanelli overseeing proceedings.


Why would you be talking to your missus about someone elses dress. Its a beautiful day. Go for a walk and get some fresh air.


The Most Reverend Michael Curry speaking from the heart here about love, he has no notes.


The Most Reverand Michael Curry has stolen the show.


Nice touch in principle to get the Presiding Bishop and Primate of the US Episcopalian Church to deliver the homily. He’s seriously over the top though.


Token black participant


The bride is the token black participant mate.


He’s quite literally preaching to the wrong crowd. Wills caught smirking at him there.


Hes running for pope.


Louis wasn’t lit up by that at all


Some of the lads on here could do worse than reading Fanons thesis on a colonised mind


This is beginning to remind me of my own sister’s wedding where the priest rambled on for nearly an hour oblivious to the fact that guests were getting very agitated.


Charles leaned over to Camila laughing, nearly said out loud “will this cunt ever shut up”

Beautiful meditation on the importance of fire there, the audience giggling in the middle of it.


Bringing Harlem/Mississippi model to Westminster was a bold move. The royals once again leading innovators and ahead of their time.


I’m heading off to the square in a few minutes


Bread of Heaven, that great Welsh rugby hymn rings around St George’s Chapel.


Just catching the tailend of this.

Sir Clive didnt like it, didn’t like it one bit.

James Haskell and Richard and Judys young wan seemed to be enjoying it.


its not a welsh rugby hymn


Lovely touch there to the best man, the Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union to give Bread of Heaven an airing.