Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


A stirring rendition of the National Anthem.


@GeoffreyBoycott - one thing I’ve learned about Ulster Roman Catholics over the years is that they tend to love the Royal Family, well certainly the women do, and I think the men have a sneaking regard for them too.

Have you got any theories as to why this is?


Those are lovely foor tiles that the church has - must get some of them for the conservatory.


Brilliant analysis from the national broadcaster.

Yet again, stunningly beautiful weather for a Royal wedding.

God is a member of the Church of England and Wales.


That must be the largest audience ever to witness a royal wedding. Close to a Billion there I’d wager.


Maybe if Sean Spicer is counting


That’s one beautifully manicured football pitch in the middle of Winsdor Castle.

Energy-sapping turf, a cloudless sky, not a shadow in sight. You’d have loved it @mickee321.



The Archbishop of Banterbury, James Haskell, giving his typically irreverent take here.


I see this lad skipped his team’s semi final to go to the royal wedding :smile:


By agitated you mean thirsty


Semi finals come and go, you dont think he wants to write a book?*

  • to have written for him.


Indeed. Wonderful coverage from the national broadcaster and blinders all round from the triumvirate of the Welsh speaking, Plaid Cymru supporting anchorman from Llanelli, the Scots woman and the son of Irish emigrants.


@GeoffreyBoycott, is it fair to say that the wedding and the whole occasion was a wonderful blend of the best of tradition and the best of modernity?

Or, to put it another way, tradernity?


Admins need to step in here and do some banning.


Julie-Anne from Londonderry is looking radiant. A real chest out moment for her.


Fat bitch from Londonderry


This must be the first time that a Royal wedding and the FA Cup final have taken place on the same day.

Britain is certainly showing its best face to the world today, doing two of the things it does best and is most identified with - wonderful pomp and ceremony and staging a storied, world class sporting event.

I’m trying to think of an Irish equivalent - I guess it would be like if we had a grand re-opening of the Magdalene laundries on the same day as the All-Ireland hurling final, or something.


Good luck to them both. What harm are they, they have an awful lot of Oirish people driven absolutely demented though.
I hope young Harry rides the lovely little tanned hole off of her tonight, smashes her to pieces. Good and proper wedding night fun.


I’d say he has her well broken in at this stage